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SGM ltd. Specializes in 3 and 4 axis vertical machining and turning, parts ranging small to large weighing up to 10, 000 lb. Machining capacity reaching 50" x 50" x 150" ( X Y Z ) our larger machines are laser tracked annually to ensure accuracy. SGM ltd has been primarily a job shop and has excelled in short run and special requests, familiar with parts that require custom designed fixtures for multiple operations or maneuvering larger awkward parts utilizing our 5 ton overhead shop crane. Our team is experienced in various material types such as aluminum , Stainless steel to AR500, basic drilling and counter boring ,to 2D, 2.5D machining as well as surfacing.

SGM Custom Design and Fabrication Ltd.
195-12417 No. 2 Rd
Richmond, BC V7E 6H7 Canada
Phone: 604-716-5401

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